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Founded in 2013, TravelBug Health has sent thousands of travelers overseas to all seven continents. We are a locally owned small business and we care about our patients. We have grown through referrals and word-of-mouth and are proud to serve our community. Norman Bizon, PA-C is our Medical Director and Travel Health Consultant. He is certified in International and Travel Medicine and has over 30 years of clinical experience. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are world travelers themselves and passionate about providing impeccable service and value.

Establish with our clinic and you’ll have a resource for life.
We are always available by phone or email to answer questions and address your unique travel health needs.

Norman J. Bizon, PA-C, CTH

Norman J. Bizon, PA-C, CTH®

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Tessa McFall

Tessa E. McFall, ASN, EMT

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Rebecca A. Mattes, MS, MA

Rebecca A. Mattes, MS, MA

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What our patients are saying:

Knowledgeable, skilled, thorough and complete advice & treatment for travelers. Extraordinarily valuable!

Kathryn Carbone

Expert, friendly customer service.

My wife and I had an excellent experience here. In addition to being an expert, the consultant was friendly and helpful. He gave us all the immunization information we needed to make our extended stay in Thailand safe, and we were pleased with the level of customer service he provided. If you need to receive vaccinations for a trip abroad, I highly recommend TravelBug Health.

Nick Chandler

If you need high-quality, medically-driven, and excellent travel health service, then go to TravelBug.

Zachary Brooks

Put my mind at ease.

Our visit was timely and the information has put my mind at ease knowing that we will be protected as much as possible for our cycling trip to India! Thank you TravelBug health for answering all of our questions.

Stacey Bailey

It is a real blessing to work with people who are so personable, professional, and knowledgeable!

Steward T.

Our consultant was well traveled and knowledgeable.

From the time we walked into our appointment the folks were top notch. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable! Norm Bizon, The PA & Certified Traveler Health Consultant at Travel Bug, Scottsdale is very well traveled and readily applies his current knowledge to the particulars others face.
Excellent appointment and service.

David Fridovich

Gave me confidence I was well prepared.

Responsive, informative, and helpful. Gave me confidence I was well prepared health-wise for my trip.

Bill Pollock

No pressure and we received only the vaccines we needed.

My partner and I visited this business today and we had an overall great experience! We are traveling to Thailand in two weeks & Norman was extremely helpful with information about common illnesses & their causes, as well as preventing insect bites. His suggestions were objective and when we were deciding which vaccines to receive, he did not push anything that we weren’t interested in. We had our consultation and received our needed vaccinations shortly after. We highly recommend this business and feel much more prepared now!

Kate Dickerson

A Must Visit.

Very professional and very knowledgeable. A must visit before you make that faraway trip. Norman knows his stuff!

Gerry & JJ Prokupek

Comprehensive, practical and professional.

Comprehensive consultation overview of the current travel health issues for the India states we are visiting, practical advice as well as vaccines given in an efficient and professional manner. Highly recommended for international travelers.

Peter McFadden

Easy, efficient and a great resource.

I am very pleased with the experience. I was looking for immunizations for a trip to South America and given the contact by my primary care doctor. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and a great source for health and safety tips. I called and set up an appointment quickly, was emailed great information about the countries I was visiting, and completed the process with ease and efficiency. Highly recommend!

Mari S.
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