Business and Corporate Travel

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The corporate traveler faces unique challenges and health risks when traveling to overseas locations, especially in developing nations. These include tropical diseases, infectious diarrhea, malaria, respiratory illness, influenza, or injury.

Long distance air travel can also lead to other health issues, such as jet lag and increased risk of blood clots. Business travelers must also consider security risks and issues relating to cultural sensitivity. We review your medical history and itinerary in detail to provide you with the information and tools to perform at your optimum level.

Your schedule is tight and your time is valuable when doing business overseas. You can’t afford to be sick, even for a day. Acute illness can interfere with crucial business decisions or relations.

The business itinerary is often very busy and arranged at the last minute. We can accommodate your needs on short notice and help to prepare you even a day or two before travel.

From a corporate perspective, employee illness leads to decreased productivity but is usually preventable. Talk to us about our corporate wellness strategy, including on-site flu shot clinics and employee educational workshops.

Business and Corporate Travel