Lifelong Dream

Finally, I was on the verge of fulfilling a lifelong dream of traveling the world... But, how do you protect yourself against a world of contagious diseases? I went to see Norm and he made it simple - he made a (long) list of the vaccinations and medications I would need to protect myself. Over a series of several visits he and his assistant were very nice, accommodating, and thorough. Thank you, Norm!

Travis O.

Scottsdale, AZ

Professional & Knowledgeable

I have been under the care of Norman Bizon for all my medical needs for several years.

Norman's care is professional, knowledgeable, complete and administered in the most direct manner.

I would have NO questions seeing him for any issue.

Veronica W.

Phoenix, AZ

Peace of Mind

My traveling experiences began with a call to go on a mission trip to South Africa! I had never been out of the country before (let alone going on a few trips here and there across the country!), but I was reassured by the expertise, compassion, and care that Norm offered! Norm provided excellent personalized customer service and he went into great detail to learn about the needs and demands of my trip. He was able to provide the proper services and the peace of mind that I needed to travel safely. As a result of meeting with Norm, I felt well educated and well prepared when it came to my health, and I could focus on my travel experiences!


Scottsdale Bible Church
Phoenix, AZ

Kept My Health Intact

Mr. Bizon has always been very helpful to me in preparations for my travels to low-income countries. He is always well-informed on the current recommendations, and he has provided me with everything I need to keep my health intact while traveling.

Michael P., MD

Arizona Burn Center
Phoenix, AZ

A Call From the Jungle

What parent doesn't lay awake at night worrying about what dread disease their college student might contract while studying biology in the jungles of Central America? And sure enough, we got that phone call after our daughter was living in Costa Rica for three months. She was mysteriously ill and what did I suggest?

Well, this is where Norman Bizon, PA and travel health specialist came to our rescue. Norman had seen Laura in his travel clinic for inoculations and health screening prior to her departure.

Norman returned my evening phone call, quizzed me on symptoms and directed our daughter to take an antibiotic from the health kit she took with her for her long stay. She was much improved within 30 hours and I was able to sleep through the night again!

Kristen S.

Scottsdale, AZ

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Share Your Experience

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