CDC Health Advisory – Increased Risk of Dengue Virus Infections

The US CDC issued a Health Advisory to notify healthcare providers, public health authorities and the public of an increased risk of dengue virus (DENV) infections in the United States in 2024.

Dengue is the most common mosquito-borne disease in the world. Global incidence of dengue in 2024 has been the highest ever on record. Many countries, especially in Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia are reporting higher-than-usual dengue case numbers. In 2024, countries in the Americas have reported a record-breaking number of dengue cases, exceeding the highest number ever recorded in a single year. From January 1 – June 24, 2024, countries in the Americas reported more than 9.7 million dengue cases, twice as many as in all of 2023 (4.6 million cases). In the United States, Puerto Rico has declared a public health emergency (1,498 cases) and a higher-than-expected number of dengue cases have been identified among U.S. travelers (745 cases) from January 1 – June 24, 2024.

Dengue Virus Infection can cause severe illness and there is no treatment available. A dengue vaccine is licensed in the US but is not readily available to travelers. Anyone traveling to Dengue endemic areas can reduce their risk of infection by practicing diligent insect bite precautions.

Before you travel, be sure to check with your travel health specialist to see if you will be in an area of risk for Dengue and to find out what measures you can take to prevent getting this tropical disease.

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